Creative Work

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved taking on random creative projects. It started when I was a kid, using my Dad’s huge videocamera to create a parody of Star Wars with paper airplanes (aptly named “Paper Wars”), and I haven’t stopped since.

In recent years, I’ve tried to stop taking creativity so seriously. Instead of being fixated on the outcome – making something objectively “great” that people will love – I just try to have fun and enjoy the process. I’m trying to get back to PLAYING with creativity, like I did when I was younger.

Here’s a few things I’ve created over the years that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

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Doritos Commercials

Back in 2008, Jesse Epstein and I created three commercials in hopes of winning the Doritos Superbowl contest. We didn’t win, but were really proud of how these came out. This one, “The Red” was our favorite, but the other two are great as well: First Date, The Breakroom (starring David Choi).

Korean Days of Our Lives

My most infamous video, I’ll never live this one down! I made this back in college for a Korean class final. We improv filmed it over just 2 nights. It was my first time acting in one of my own shorts.

I’ve never gotten a reaction like this before! It was on its way to becoming a minor Youtube hit when the plug got pulled (damn music rights). People started recognizing me from the video. I kept getting random Facebook pokes from fans at other schools. There were even 6 pages of an online forum dedicated to it! Those comments were priceless (they mostly talked about how gross Christina was haha).

What they don’t know is that I actually wrote a script for the sequel. So who knows, maybe one day Christina will return…

After the Tone

Another short film I made in college, this one was my attempt at a suspenseful thriller. It’s a little cheesy but I’m still proud of it. And it won the “Best Undergraduate Entry” award at the 2006 UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival!

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7 Day Vine Challenge

When I was living in Kauai, my friends and I thought it’d be fun to do a 7 Day Vine Challenge where we’d create and publish a Vine a day for a week straight. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and everything in-between. Here’s some of our favorites:

How We Do Breakfast

I Think I Need a Haircut

Goodnight Vine…

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Music Productions

Back in 2011, after doing a 28 Day Song Challenge, I got really into making music for a while. I didn’t take it too seriously, but had fun turning on the autotune and goofing off with friends. Here are a few:

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DJ Mixes

I got into DJing for a little while too and had a lot of fun with it. Here’s an hour-long mix I DJ’d live of my favorite progressive house songs in 2011. It took a lot of work to get the mashups and transitions down right. I’m still proud of it now, check it out:


28 Day Song Challenge

I’ve spent most of my life really digging music and playing other people’s music, but never really knew how to create my own songs. So I decided to dive into the deep end and made myself do the 28 Day Song Challenge: to create and publish a song a day, for 28 days straight. It was one of the craziest months of my life. I did not sleep much and my health went to shit. But it was also extremely rewarding and fun. I got to collaborate with and learn from a lot of talented friends. And I confronted my fears of putting myself out there (especially when it comes to work that’s not very polished).

Here are some of my favorite tracks from that month:

No Good feat. BC (Day 15)

When I Make That Money (Day 16)

Come Back Home Acapella (Day 20)

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