About Me Pics


Hey, I’m Jaemin (pronounced ‘jay·min’). I run an animation studio for social good. I live and work from anywhere. I absolutely love connecting with people and taking on random creative projects. I’m into exploring non-dual meditation and awakening (waking from ego-identification to your true nature).

I dig authenticity, vulnerability, and spontaneous dance sessions. I’m a tech optimist and Kanye apologist. I’d rather “play” than “catch up”. My passion in life is to grow, learn, and open up, more and more, every single day.

In the past, I’ve identified as a filmmaker, a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, an advertising creative, a musician, and a damn good storyteller. These days, I’m not sure what I am…and I kinda like it that way. Life feels more free without locking myself into a fixed identity.


This is a place for me to share my views on life, things I’ve learned, and cool stuff I’ve come across. I hope to drop the ego and be as authentic and open as possible. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself in writing so I hope to use this site as a way to work on that. And I’m also hoping that this will serve as a way to connect with other like-minded people.


Follow me on Twitter (@jaemin_yi), on Facebook, or Instagram (@jaemin101).

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Or shoot me an email at jaemin@jaeminyi.com.

I love connecting with others. Don’t be shy, hit me up!