How to Find an Awesome Therapist

So, you already know that I think everyone and their mom should see a therapist.

It’s self-growth on steroids! I’d recommend it to EVERYBODY.

But then the question becomes, “HOW do I find a therapist? A badass, awesome one?”

And unfortunately, that’s a more difficult question to answer.

Finding an awesome therapist is more complicated than finding an awesome mechanic. It’s not just about technical skill and experience – it’s about finding someone who JIBES with you.

Just like dating, it’s about finding the right fit. The right chemistry. Someone you click with. Someone who gets you.

And just like dating…it may take a few tries to find the right match.

But fear not, the search process is not as scary as it seems! To make it easier, I’ve broken it down into 8 simple steps.

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Video: Why Everyone Should See a Therapist

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone, it would be to work with a therapist.

And yes, I do mean EVERYONE.

Most people think therapy is just for people who are “messed up” or in “crisis”. Sorry, that’s not how I see it at all.

Here’s how I view it: “Therapy is self-growth on steroids.”

And it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Keep watching to hear more of my thoughts…

Update: After posting this video, tons of people have been asking me exactly HOW to find an awesome therapist. So I wrote up a guide here: How to Find an Awesome Therapist (in 8 Steps)

Now you’ve got no excuse!

Podcast #2: On Trump, Creative Perfectionism, and Onesies

We’re back with another episode of our now monthly podcast!

And we’ve got an official name for it too…

Guys with Feelings. Where two guys discuss the events, ideas, influences, and yes – the feelings – that help them become better men.

In this episode, Gabe Rose and I cover topics such as:

    • re-thinking our views post-Trump
    • learning to be a disciplined half-ass
    • why you need a onesie (with a tail)
    • and much more!

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Learn to Be a Disciplined Half-Ass

I’ve been reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and one idea of hers has been really resonating with me (enough that it’s now plastered across the top of my daily planner):

“You must learn how to become a deeply disciplined half-ass.”

Let me explain.

According to Gilbert, the two worst things you can be as a creative is lazy and a perfectionist.

Well shit, that’s me.

The lazy part is obvious. If you want to create, you have to be disciplined. You have to show up every day and do the work. Even if it’s not easy or fun. Whether or not you’re feeling inspired. You gotta sit your ass down and put in the effort.

But the perfectionist part, is just as important, if not as obvious.

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Jaemin & Gabe Record a Podcast

As part of my October Creativity Challenge, I finally moved forward with something I’ve always wanted to do: record a podcast!

So I sat down with Gabe Rose, a lifelong friend and frequent collaborator, and we decided to hit the record button and see what happened.

In our first podcast attempt, we cover topics such as:

    • chemicals extracted from sleepy cats
    • giving up a kidney
    • undergoing a journey of the senses
    • why religion is underrated
    • what we’re missing about Trump supporters
    • and much more!

And there’s a bonus surprise if you wait til the end… Enjoy!

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