Podcast #5: Being a Modern Day Renaissance Person (w/ Alex Zobel)

In episode #5 of Guys with Feelings, Jaemin and Gabe welcome their first ever Guest with Feelings: Alex Zobel, a modern-day Renaissance woman who has a PhD in 16th century English Lit, teaches prisoners in San Quentin, is building her own tiny home, and opening a brewery with her brother, among other things.

The three of them discuss:

    • becoming a modern day Renaissance person
    • what San Quentin prisoners thought of the election
    • what Standing Rock taught Alex (radical listening)
    • IUD’s and accessible poetry
    • and much more!

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Show Notes

Guest with Feelings Interview

    • The tension between exploring many diverse interests and diving deep into each of those interests.
    • What San Quentin prisoners thought of Donald Trump winning the election.
    • Invisibilia podcast: Is Your Personality Fixed, Or Can You Change Who You Are?
    • The origins of the Armistice Brewing Company
    • Teams without conflict don’t work.
    • The importance of Asset Mapping: what are the skills that I have and how can they be used to advance the causes I believe in?
    • How climbing a gigantic metal boar at Burning Man taught Alex to “just do it”.
    • The power of community to galvanize and inspire social change.
    • Alex’s experience at Standing Rock: “If Burning Man is about racial self-expression, showing up at Standing Rock is about radical listening.”
    • Ta Nehisi Coates quote on allyship.
    • “Bad Feminist” by Roxanne Gay
    • “Say what you’re going to say, but be willing to say you’re sorry.”
    • Tactics for talking about Trump with family at the dinner table.

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